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Explore KUEHN® Bevel at Würth Baer Supply Company

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KUEHN® Bevel is recognized as America's leading manufacturer of decorative bevel edge molding and the source for high-quality decorative edge products in laminate, solid surface, and wood. Baer Supply Company carries a great selection of KUEHN Bevel products.

Backsplash Styles




Hardwood Edges

KUEHN Bevel Hardwood Edges

KUEHN Bevel Wood Bevel with laminate insert

KUEHN Bevel Wood Bullnose Bevel

KUEHN Bevel Wood Bevel

KUEHN Bevel Wood Bullnose Bevel with laminate insert

Correlated Furnishings

KUEHN Bevel Correlated Furnishings

Countertop with a KUEHN Bevel Type 4 Bevel

Window sill with KUEHN Bevel Type 3 Bevel and clipped end

Chair rail


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