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Formica Envision™ Order / Quote Form

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Let your creativity loose with...
new Formica Envision™ high performance custom laminate


What Is Formica Envision?

Formica Envision™ opens up endless possibilities for you using the art you dream up – your design, photography, logos, illustrations, or painting.

Project ideas... click images below to see example galleries

Formica Envision Order/Quote Form

Fill out the form below, attach an image, and submit it to have your image evaluated for use on Formica Envision. A representative will contact you to verify the quote/order before proceeding to have a lab sample created. The image sample must be approved before final production takes place.

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Grade: 10    V4 (equivalent to Grade 20)
1-15 Sheets –  / sq. ft.
16-50 Sheets –  / sq. ft.
51-100 Sheets –  / sq. ft.

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Please attach an image to be reviewed. File cannot exceed 5Mb.
Follow Artwork Guidelines for basic guidelines.

Image to use:

Quantity Sheet Size (Sq. Ft.)
3’ x 8’ (24)
3’ x 10’ (30)
3’ x 12’ (36)
Quantity Sheet Size (Sq. Ft.)
4’ x 8’ (32)
4’ x 10’ (40)
4’ x 12’ (48)
# of Sheets =
Sq. Ft. of All Sheets =
Price per sq. ft. =
Total Cost =
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