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Current Promotions

Listed below are all of the Würth Baer Supply Company Web Promotions and their associated coupon codes. Click on any of the promo blocks for further details.

Promotional Catalogs

Save more on everyday items you use plus an additional 1% by buying online.
Promo code: BP1798C

Würth Product Guide

Würth Safety & Industrial Supplies

Würth Pro Bond Adhesives

Pro Value Large Bar Pulls & Steel Collection 2.0

Pro Value Lighting Ordering Guide

Tresco Infinex
Promo code: BP2218

SurfPrep Simple Sanding Solutions

Pro Value Adhesives

EZ Finishing Guide
Source code: BP1957

Würth Abrasives
Woodworking Machinery Solutions Catalog

Woodworking Machine Solutions

Pro Value Hardware

Pro Value Standards and Brackets

Pro Value & Berenson Decorative Hardware Ordering Guide

Source code: BP2428

Bessey Clamps
Source code: BP2417

Blowout Sale...True Position Cabinet Jigs!
Promo Code: BP2699

New from Wurth Abrasives - Wurth Net and Wurth Foam
Promo Code: BP2692

2 Days Only...Big Savings on Top Selling Canister Contact Adhesive!
Promo Code: BP2704

The Quality of Wurth Assembly Screws...available in the Convenience of a Bucket!
Promo Code: BP2688

Super Savings on Senco Tool Kits!
Promo Code: BP2685

Check out our Quarterly Sales Event
Promo Code: BP2675

Fall Savings on KV Soft-Close Pull-Outs!
Promo Code: BP2676

Up to 34.9% Savings on Rev-a-Shelf!
Promo Code: BP2642

Heat It Up with a Variable Speed Heat Gun!
Promo Code: BP2655

Boost your bottom line with Tresco Lighting's new Showroom Display Program
Promo Code: BP2620
Decorative Hardware

Pro Value Steel Collection Bar Pulls
Cabinets & Cabinet Accessories

Kitchen Kompact Cabinets Cross Reference (2017)
New Products

Introducing the New Grass Tiomos H Hinge!
Source Code: BP2630

Introducing Salice's New Pacta Hinge System!
Source Code: BP2629

Safety Rules are your Best Tools!
Source Code: BP2627

Pro Ergo and Office Accessories Guide
Source Code: BPERGO

Savings up to 40%...NEW 2018 Rev-A-Shelf Products
Source Code: BP2592

NEW! TRESCO 8W and 15W Snap Panels
Source Code: BP2218

Edgebanding Stock Program and Laminate Cross Reference Guide
Source Code: BPESP

Timbermate Water Based Putty
Source Code: BP2589

Introducing the New Infinity Bond PUR Adhesive System!
Source Code: BP2517

Striplox: The Perfect Joining Solution...The Possibilities are Endless!
Source Code: BP2467

Introducing: New Concealed 3-D Adjustable Hinges by Peter Meier!

Introducing PRO600 Series Undermount Drawer Slides...As low as $8.99 per pair!
Source Code: BP2463

Grass 3-D Front Locking Devices

SurfPrep Sanding Systems & Abrasives

Tresco Lighting 120V -
4W Pockit 120-M

Pro Value and Berenson Decorative Hardware Ordering Guide 2.0


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