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Custom Countertop Quote Form

Need assistance filling out this form?
Contact Customer Service for assistance at 800-292-2754.

Custom Countertops quoted through this form are only available in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana.

This form provides you with the tools to configure a custom countertop and get an instant price quote. While every effort has been made to ensure this form covers all aspects of a countertop customization, there are certain customizations that the form cannot handle. If your countertop configuration requires any of the following customizations, please call the number above to process a manual quote.

  • Angle Base End
  • Three-sided Pipe Chase
  • Window Notch
  • Two-sided Notch Cutout
  • Loose End Cap
  • Special Width (Depth) Bar
  • 45° Mitre with Shelf
  • Clip Radius with End Cap

Submitting this form to Würth Baer Supply does NOT place an order. A Würth Baer Supply representative will review all details of the quote and/or make adjustments as needed. You will then receive a phone call to confirm the quote details and pricing before your order can be approved and processed.

Choices / options in red below are required.
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Sink Information (Optional)
Model #:
Cutout Size:
Stove Information (Optional)
Cooktop Slide-in Drop-in
Model #:
Cutout Size:
Backsplash:   Attached    Coved    Loose    None
Formed Non-Formed

Color A –
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Select a section shape below and then click the Add Section button. Fill in the fields:
Left corner U shape Right corner Straight counter
Quote as many countertop sections as you'd like on this one form.
Add Another Section
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You may include up to 3 file attachments with your quote.
Files cannot exceed 5Mb each.
Attachments may contain diagrams and/or other supporting materials.

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Submitting this quote form only sends all of the data you entered to the order processing team. You will receive a phone call to verify all information before it can become an order.
This quote form does not retain or save information.
Please print a copy or submit the form before you leave this page.
Additional sales tax may be added depending on your location. See our taxed states list.
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