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Web Tech Support Hotline: 800-944-2237 x4444
Remote Support

Remote Support

If you have any questions that aren't answered somewhere on this page or any login issues or problems using our website, please click this link to email our .

For immediate assistance via the phone, contact our Web Support Hotline:  800-289-2237 x4444.

Remote Support via TeamViewer

Download only if requested by Würth Baer Supply Technical Support.

The TeamViewer application is a tool that, once loaded, allows our support team to interact with and see your screen. Clicking the button below downloads a small file which you must then "Run" to load. The tool, when loaded, will display an ID and password that you provide to the support tech over the phone to make the secure connection to your computer.

TeamViewer for Remote Support Using TeamViewer for Remote Support!





Special Cleanup Utility (Do not use unless you've been instructed to do so):
Cleanup Utility


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