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Inventory Management - ORSY (ORganizational SYstem)

Würth ORSY Inventory Management Rack
The Würth Baer Supply Company ORSY (ORganization SYstem) Program efficiently catalogs and arranges your most frequently purchased supplies, ensuring you have the tools and materials on hand when you need them most.

What Is ORSY?

The facts:
Good inventory control takes time. Ordering and organization do not come automatically. They each require a considerable amount of your time and labor.

The frustration:
Packaging, tools, and parts are stored all over the place. Often, small items are found only after a long search – if at all. This is true, even if you are well-stocked.

The risks:
Placing orders on short notice costs you money, while too much stock takes space and ties up your cash. Ever run out of a critical item?

Recognize the problem?
This is the first step to correct it. By partnering with Würth Baer Supply and the Würth ORSY System, a solution is custom made to your specific requirements that you control fully. Optimal inventory control with only one location for each item keeps your efforts and costs to a minimum.

How to Get Started?

  1. Planning
    Together with your Würth Baer Supply Sales Representative, you plan an ORSY system custom-tailored to your needs. In conjunction with your sales rep, you work together to choose the items and the inventory (setting min/max) levels for those items you need to have on-hand and available for use.
  2. Image of Mobile App home screenAssembly, Labeling, & Setup
    A rack system is assembled and labeled at your business for optimum efficiency by your Würth Baer Supply Sales Representive working with your personnel. The shelving units are each approximately 48"W x 18"D x 85"H.
  3. Maintenance
    • Use the convenient Würth Baer Supply Mobile App to scan bar codes on the shelves and build your order. Then, simply submit the order through the app or through a desktop computer and we'll take care of the rest. You can group the restock items with other items in your order to save on shipping.
    • Or, we also provide you with a set of website Shopping Lists mapped to the items on your ORSY shelves. Simply select the items you need to reorder online and place your order through the website. To aid your reorder, you can also print shelf lists right from the website.
    • Or, make arrangements with your Würth Baer Supply Sales Representative to visit your business on set intervals to help reorder stock as needed, and keep the system clean and well-organized.


  • Order ShelvesReduce inventory - by setting specific "on shelf" product type and inventory amount requirements, you are better able to plan and manage your investment in inventory.
  • Ease of ordering - by using Würth Baer Supply Company as a single source for the variety of items that make up the "shop supplies" category, our customers streamline and reduce the time and energy associated with ordering, receiving materials, returning product, and processing payments. As a result, you can significantly reduce the costs of these activities.
  • Increased oversight - The ORSY program decreases the likelihood of you running out of critical materials. Würth Baer Supply Company's superior inventory position reduces your "cycle time" by providing next day delivery of shop supplies.
  • You control the program - You choose the items. You set the minimum and maximum stock quantities. You modify the program online whenever your needs change.
  • We service the program - Shelves and bins are labeled with product description, stock number, bar code, minimum and maximum stock quantities. Leased racks and bins are available.
  • Ordering Tools - Use our free convenient phone app to scan barcodes on shelves to make reorder easy. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Click here for more information on our app
  • Additional benefits - Less shrinkage, waste and obsolescence. Reports on usage are generated upon demand.