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Architects & Designers

Find Your A&D Specifications Representative

The Architects and Designers team at Würth Baer Supply Company is a cornerstone for the design community. Through education and experience, we are resources for you and are helpful with product knowledge, samples, writing specifications and are available to consult with you regarding your project needs. Actively involved within the Würth cross country footprint, we are a talented, enterprising and creative team, well supported by each other and have superior products to offer. Würth Baer Supply presents a wide range of products and enjoys outstanding partnerships with our vendors, providing excellent customer service. These associations equip us with the necessary tools to benefit you in the best ways.

Please contact your area specifications consultant for further information. Extraordinary customer service is our forté. We look forward to building a successful advisory relationship with you.

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Würth Baer Supply Territory map. Clicking on your state or location pops up a message stating which A&D Specification Representative to call


Pamela Dervarics
Director of A&D Specifications
900 13th Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Tel : 800.944.2237
Fax : 800.791.4603
Cell : 484.866.5388
pdervarics@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

Eastern Pennsylvania
Stephanie Catron
7842 Moller Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Cell : 765.476.1369
Fax : 800.791.3585
scatron@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

Indianapolis, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
Suzanne Germain
7440 East 12th St.
Kansas City, MO 64126
Cell : (913) 788-0937
Fax : (800) 791-5725
sgermain@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

St. Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri
Kansas City, Kansas
Omaha, Nebraska
Diane Marrocco
A&D Specifications Coordinator
50 National Rd.
Edison, NJ 08817
Cell : (609) 477-4900
Fax : (800) 791-5620
dmarrocco@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

New Jersey
Mike Muller
1750 Made Industrial Drive
Middletown, OH 45044
Cell : (513) 500-7601
mmuller@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

Cincinnati, Ohio
Covington, Kentucky
Northern, Kentucky
Shelley Pawlus
A&D Specificatios Coordinator
13390 Cloverdale
Oak Park, MI 48237
Cell : (248) 993-0352
Fax : (800) 791-4679
spawlus@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

Detroit, Michigan
Cleveland, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kathy Talken
909 Forest Edge Drive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Cell : 773.899.1434
Fax : 847.613.3381
ktalken@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

Chicago, Illinois
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Larry Valentini
895 Blue Gentian Rd.
Eagan, MN 55121
Cell : (651) 363-0939
Fax : (800) 791-3537
LValentini@wurthbaersupply.com (Opens in email client)

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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