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Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing Education is a halo term of learning activities & programs.

Within the realm of Continuing Education, Würth Baer Supply Company provides Product Knowledge (PK) programs and additional Continuing Education Units (CEU) offerings in tandem with our vendor partnerships. We are confident that you will not only learn, but enjoy our interactive programs. Our training provides you with a full knowledge of products and will have you walking away feeling secure about specifying our product offerings.

When our vendor partners introduce new products, the Würth Representatives are always enthusiastic to share them with you.

Introducing two new surfacing products,...

  • Panolam Duet Wall Panels
    HardStop in use at a sandwich counter.... Click for more examplesDuet Wall Panels provide wall protection for commercial interior settings that not only require strong design elements but, also demand high sanitary standards including moisture, mold and mildew resistance. This hard-working, easy-to-clean surface solution satisfies most any design vision by using digital printing, high quality inks and a scratch-resistant coating. As a result, Duet Wall Panels offer high impact strength, will never rot, corrode, rust or delaminate and come with a proprietary coating that protects against fading from ultraviolet sources. Explore how Duet Wall Panels offer the design, performance and value you envision today.
  • Formica HardStop™ Wall Panels
    Unlike traditional laminate containing a paper core, HardStop™ panels have a treated fiberglass core for added durability, strength and fire resistance. HardStop™ is scratch, stain, water, and chemical resistant and offers a Class A fire rating. An excellent solution for high-performance wall panels, HardStop™ blends ease of installation and impact resistance with style. HardStop™ is available in all Formica® brand colors and patterns.

    HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels are easy to install and can be applied directly to drywall.

Please contact your local W├╝rth Baer Supply Specifications Representative to find out more about these exciting & innovative new products.


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