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ORSY — ORganization SYstem


A cost-saving means of providing customers a "systematic" method of purchasing shop supplies and inventoried materials from a single source.

Customer benefits:

  • Reduce inventory - by setting specific "on shelf" product type and inventory amount requirements, customers are better able to plan and manage their investment in inventory.
  • Ease of ordering - by using Würth Baer Supply Company as a single source for the variety of items that make up the "shop supplies" category, customers streamline and reduce the time and energy associated with ordering, receiving materials, returning product, and processing payments. As a result, customers can significantly reduce the costs of these activities.
  • Increased oversight - Würth Baer Supply Company's ORSY program decreases the likelihood of a customer running out of critical materials. Würth Baer Supply Company's sales representatives are involved in the physical ordering and management of ORSY products. Würth Baer Supply Company's superior inventory position reduces customer "cycle time" by providing next day delivery of a customer's shop supplies.
  • You control the program - You choose the items. You set the minimum and maximum stock quantities. You, with the help of your Würth Baer Supply Company representative, modify the program whenever your needs change.
  • We service the program - Shelves and bins are labeled with product description, stock number, bar code, minimum and maximum stock quantities. Leased racks and bins are available.
  • Additional benefits - Less shrinkage, waste and obsolescence. A customized fax order form is provided, simplifying the ordering process. Reports on usage are generated upon demand.

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