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Super November Web Specials

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Top Selling M.L. Campbell Stains and Finishes Sale *
November 1 – 30, 2013:

Besides getting the highest quality finishes from M.L. Campbell, why buy from us:
  • We provide in-shop support for all of your finishing needs... Contact your account manager today for details.
  • We will make custom mixes just for you.
  • *Limited availability within specific delivery areas. Click map for details.
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M.L. Campbell Stains and Finishes

Stains and Finishes

WoodSong II Stains WoodSong II Stains
Fast drying alkyd resin based stains that are GREENGUARD certified and designed for spray or brush application and are developed to have excellent wiping properties

Golden Oak -
Item # MLCWS2S116-GAL

$32 / GAL

Traditional Mahogany -
Item # MLCWS2S120-GAL

$33 / GAL

Traditional Cherry -
Item # MLCWS2S127-GAL

$37 / GAL
Clear Topcoat Krystal Clear Topcoat Krystal®
Clear Topcoats, Solvent Borne, Post-Catalyzed, C145 1x Krystal High Solids Conversion Varnish.

Item #'s
MLCC14512-5G (Dull)
MLCC14514-5G (Satin)

$198 / 5GAL
Hi Performance Pre-Cat LacquerHigh Performance WW Pre-Cat Lacquer
High quality, water white, pre-catalyzed lacquer. Self-sealing, fast dry formulation that has exceptional resistance to water, solvents, and household chemicals.

Item #
MLCMC122244-C-5G (Dull)
MLCMC122244-C-5G (Satin)

$143 / 5GAL
Premium Economy Lacquer Thinner Premium Economy Lacquer Thinner
An economy blend of solvents, specifically designed to be used as a clean up solvent for nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed, post catalysed, butyrate and acrylic lacquers.

Item # MLCC18936-5G
$63 / 5GAL
Clawlock® Post-Cat Primer/Undercoater White Clawlock® Post-Cat Primer/ Undercoater White
A high performance, high solids, two-component post-catalyzed(amino-alkyd) primer/undercoater for furniture, store fixtures and cabinets. Provides an excellent base coat for the start of a high performance pigmented finishing system.

Item # MLCW3709-5G
$258 / 5GAL

Shop Supplies

Blue Nitrile Heavy Duty Powder Free Gloves Blue Nitrile Heavy Duty Powder Free Gloves
Hold up better to stains and lacquer thinner than standard nitrile gloves.

Item #
WW88947010 (M)
WW88947011 (L)
WW88947012 (XL)

$10.65 / Box
Wiping Rags, Lint-Free Paint/Stain Specific Wiping Rags, Lint-Free Paint/Stain Specific

Item #

$2.00 / lbs.
(25 lb. Box only)

Paint/Finish Strainers (Fine or Medium) Paint/Finish Strainers (Fine or Medium)
Use for straining or mixing paints and finishes.

Item #
AE2026-X (Fine, 10/Bag)
AE2026 (Fine, 250/Bag)
AE2031-X (Medium, 10/Bag)
AE2031 (Medium, 250/Bag)

$0.088 / Each
(Qty: 250)
$0.104 / Each
(Qty: 10)

Mixing Cups Mixing Cups
Graduations in both ounces and milliliters.

Item #
AEMC-PT (Pint)
AEMC-QT (Quart)
AEMC-2.5QT (2.5 Quarts)

MLCMCC (6 oz.)
MLCMC (Quart)
MLCEMC (2.5 Quarts)

As low as
$0.26 / Each

Empty Steel Cans, Tin Coated Empty Steel Cans, Tin Coated
Suitable for safe storage of most liquids. Place a small can of matching stain (for touch-ups by the client) in a new kitchen cabinet.

Item #
DE1736 (Pint)
DE2720 (Quart)
DE4780 (Gallon)

As low as
$1.54 / Each


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