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Super November Web Specials

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Top Selling Chemcraft Stains and Finishes Sale *
November 1 – 30, 2013:

Besides getting the highest quality finishes from Chemcraft, why buy from us:
  • We provide in-shop support for all of your finishing needs... Contact your account manager today for details.
  • We will make custom mixes just for you.
  • *Limited availability within specific delivery areas. Click map for details.
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Chemcraft Stains and Finishes

Stains and Finishes

Michael's Cherry Stain FN8253675-GAL Michael's Cherry Stain

This is a special Amish stain that manages to create an extraordinary depth in the grain, a beautiful reddish rich look that seems to glow from the inside out. If you love a darker look on your oak, you simply won't find anything that will enhance your grain in this way.

Item # FN8253675-GAL
$42 / GAL
Varicure Top Coats Varicure Top Coat - Clear

One of the industries top-performing pre-cat top coats. As its name suggests, Varicure can be used in various ways. Use it as a pre-cat, or with an added catalyst for even better durability. It can also be used as a self-seal topcoat.

Item #
FN4314610-5G (Flat)
FN4314620-5G (Low gloss)
FN4314635-5G (Satin gloss)
FN4314650-5G (Semi-gloss)
FN4314690-5G (Full gloss)

$130 / 5GAL
Variseal Sealer FN4314601-5G Variseal Sealer

Designed to enhance the overall versatility and performance of Varicure. It shares many of the same features and benefits as Varicure. It sands easily and quickly to provide a smooth film.

Item # FN4314601-5G
$110 / 5GAL

Shop Supplies

Blue Nitrile Heavy Duty Powder Free Gloves Blue Nitrile Heavy Duty Powder Free Gloves
Hold up better to stains and lacquer thinner than standard nitrile gloves.

Item #
WW88947010 (M)
WW88947011 (L)
WW88947012 (XL)

$10.65 / Box
Wiping Rags, Lint-Free Paint/Stain Specific Wiping Rags, Lint-Free Paint/Stain Specific

Item #

$2.00 / lbs.
(25 lb. Box only)

Paint/Finish Strainers (Fine or Medium) Paint/Finish Strainers (Fine or Medium)
Use for straining or mixing paints and finishes.

Item #
AE2026-X (Fine, 10/Bag)
AE2026 (Fine, 250/Bag)
AE2031-X (Medium, 10/Bag)
AE2031 (Medium, 250/Bag)

$0.088 / Each
(Qty: 250)
$0.104 / Each
(Qty: 10)

Mixing Cups Mixing Cups
Graduations in both ounces and milliliters.

Item #
AEMC-PT (Pint)
AEMC-QT (Quart)
AEMC-2.5QT (2.5 Quarts)

MLCMCC (6 oz.)
MLCMC (Quart)
MLCEMC (2.5 Quarts)

As low as
$0.26 / Each

Empty Steel Cans, Tin Coated Empty Steel Cans, Tin Coated
Suitable for safe storage of most liquids. Place a small can of matching stain (for touch-ups by the client) in a new kitchen cabinet.

Item #
DE1736 (Pint)
DE2720 (Quart)
DE4780 (Gallon)

As low as
$1.54 / Each


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